Tuesday, 20 January 2015

TUSAL And Stash!!!

So it is the 20th January and a new moon shines down upon us all.  That mean's it's time for a TUSAL update.  My little honey pot is starting to get some colour to it!

I've really got my stitching mojo back at the moment and had a lovely quite weekend with lots of time for stitching.  I've been working on "Christmas Pots" which has contributed quite a bit of white to the TUSAL pot, but I've also started the Lizzie Kate "Brew Some Fun" which is proving to be a really fun stitch.

Here's "Christmas Pots"

And here is "Brew Some Fun"

And then there has been the final purchase for the Turtle Trot.  Here is number 10 - "Let's Be Wicked" by Imaginating.

A stash delivery also came this morning - some new bobbins because I can't see the numbers on the plastic ones any more and the number stickers just fall off.  A needle threader - 'cause sometimes I struggle with that particularly when using invisible thread for beads - it really is invisible!  And let's not forget some threads and fabric.

That lovely purpley one is Polstitches "Bewitched" and I thought it would be great for "Let's Be Wicked".  The chart only calls for three different coloured threads.  I might change the maroon one as it could get a little lost.

Happy stitching everyone!

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craftingpaws said...

Great ORTs and what an adorable jar!
You have made some great progress on your projects. (I really love the Christmas Pots piece.)
Looks like you have some wonderful new items, too!