Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Turtle Trot 2015

So the Turtle Trot is being run by BAP Attack.  The aim of this is to:-

1) Pick ten pieces to stitch for 2015
2) Post progress pictures on the 10th of the month
3) Link up Here so we can all admire your progress and cheer for you
4) Hop around at the above link and see how far everyone's gotten and cheer for them.

So I've got to pick 10 projects.  I'm still coming up with some of this list but so far I  have:

1) Christmas by Heritage Cross Stitch

2) Celtic Summer by Lavender and Lace

3) Dragonfly by Heaven and Earth Designs

4) Curl up with a Good Book by Heaven and Earth Designs

5) Treasure, a  Storykeep by Heaven and Earth Designs

6)  Enchanted Flute by Heaven and Earth Designs

7) I don't know what this one is - I'll have to track it down it was released month by month several years ago and I'm sure I've got the missing bits.

And those are actually all the WIP's I have - does that give me an excuse to buy three more charts?  Happy Days!!!!


~ Toni ~ said...

You have some great projects for the Turtle Trot and even room to buy new stash. Wish I had that problem, lol. Looking forward to seeing these progress and seeing what is added in #s 8, 9 & 10 :)

Shannon Meyer said...

You have some really beautiful (and HUGE) projects for Turtle Trot!! And yes, I think you should definitely buy a few more projects:)