2016 Goals

1)  Finish Dragonfly - nearly finished page 15, page 16 is another full page and then there's four more pages but each one is only about 1/3 of a page  DONE!!!!

2) Do something with Christmas Pots - it's finished just needs finishing - in time for Christmas 2016.

3) Finish "Curl Up With A Good Book" - just under halfway through page 5 and page 6 isn't a full page so no excuses!!!

4) Stitch "Let's be Wicked" - bought this to stitch last year but never got round to it.  This year .....

5) Buy "Chinese Garden Mandala" - like I said the easiest to do and I've done it.  Chart bought.  Now I need some time to look at it and see what materials I need or already have and take it from there.

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