Monday, 2 February 2015

The Lady Progresses

I don't have a huge amount to show you today.  We had visitors over the weekend and so I didn't get too much stitching time - and what I did have tended to get used up by The Sims.  However, I have added some beads to Celtic Summer.

There are only a few beads to go in the purple patch of her dress.  It really won't take me too much longer to finish but I do need to do it in daylight in order to see the thread and that's what I'm struggling with -  daylight stitching time.

Christmas Post has progressed a little bit but not enough to show.

Going back to the weight loss plan - well that is failing so I've decided to set my self a goal.  If  no When i loose half a stone I'm going to treat my self to a cross stitch chart.  Now lets see if that can motivate me!  Each half stone - a new chart!

Happy Stitching all!


Rachel Tomkins said...

She is beautiful. the colours are so soothing. She's on my to-do list but doubt she'll get done soon. I'll just watch yours grow instead! :)

Thea Wilson said...

Beautiful stitching!

New GFC follower

Thea @  Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place

Deb said...

Your Celtic Lady is GORGEOUS!!!