Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dragonfly Page Finish

In my last post I promised a picture of Dragonfly with page 12 finished.  However, this was a lie, it's actually page 15 finish - Whoopie!!!!  Mind you that's out of 20 pages not 18 so although I couldn't count yesterday I've still got just as much to do as I said but I've done more than I said.  Any way, stop rambling I hear you say.  Here is the picture.

I was also surfing the web last night looking at cross stitch charts and came across Chatelaine Designs and I think I have fallen in love with the mandalas.  I just love the Chinese Garden one which the above link takes you to.  The pictures don't do it justice, have a look at this joysze blog.  The only problem I have with it is that it uses so many specialist threads that, based on another design that is available through Sew and So it comes to over £200 for fabric, threads and beads and that's just not something I can justify.  Oh well, I'll just add it to the wish list anyway, we can all dream.

Just look HERE to see how beautiful these are when stitched.


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Excellent progress!! And you never know, some people sub threads, etc. on the Chatelaines, so it might be in reach someday. :)

Khristine Doiron said...

Dragonfly looks gorgeous! And oh how I would love to do a Chatelaine too, and use all those luscious threads! But I am hesitant at that price. I watched a video on youtube the other day of a girl opening up her Chatelaine kit and it made me want one even more. Here is the link if you want to watch it - . And the Chinese Garden is gorgeous, pretty hard to say no to something so pretty!!

Rachel Tomkins said...

Dragonfly is gorgeous. I love the bold colours against her skin.
I'm not a Chatelaine fan but do enjoy watching other people stitch them. What about asking family to contribute to the cost for your birthday? Then it would be a really special piece to stitch. :)