Monday, 24 October 2016

So nearly there!

I'm still focusing on Dragonfly with every spare moment that I have to stitch.  The finishing line is so close that I can almost taste it. After however many years this has taken I will definitely be done by Christmas.

The plan once this is finished is to start Mad Queen Alice and then do that, Curl Up With A Good Book and Enchanted Flute in rotation.  Just not sure yet whether I do, say, a month on each or have to complete a page of chart on each.  I do now that due to the size of Mad Queen Alice I do intend to do her, one of the others, than back to MQA, the other design, MQA, etc.  Otherwise MQA may never get done.  Can't wait to start her although the piece of fabric is HUGE!

Happy stitching!


Khristine Doiron said...

You are so close!!! YAY!! She is gorgeous :)

Tiffstitch said...

So close! This is so exciting to watch. Good luck with the last bits!