Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hello! I'm still here.

My plans for this new blog didn't last that long did they?  So much for the TUSAL and Turtle Trot trying to inspire me.  Life has just been busy - mind you when isn't it?  We've been touring universities every weekend looking at Psychology courses for my daughter.  Applications are all in now so we just wait and see.  Fingers crossed she makes the grades she needs to do the course she wants.

I have, however, started to pick up my needle again - yay. I've been stitching on Curl Up With A Good Book which is currently slow progress as there's only three or four stitches of any one colour at the moment.  But I should soon move on to an area that will fill quicker.

I've also made a little purchase to motivate me - what better way than to add to my collection of incomplete cross stitch?  I've bought a little Christmas chart and the materials to do Save The Stitches.  Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.

 However, I do remember that I promised you pictures of the framed Celtic Summer and I don't want to disappoint you so here they are, better late than never hey?

Happy stitching everybody!


Khristine Doiron said...

Celtic Summer is gorgeous!! Is she stitched as charted or is that a conversion? Good luck to your daughter on getting into her course. :)

Cath E said...

Thanks - Celtic Summer is the original colours, all as charted.